Top 5 Wardrobe Finds

You’re going to love these

What’s blowing up on Instagram and on your friend’s feed? Here’s a round-up of fun wardrobe finds I’ve uncovered. I’ve done my research online, read through the reviews, and tried them out myself.

1) YSL Loulou Heart Sunglasses + Dupes

I love cute sunnies, but I don’t see myself wearing heart-shaped sunglasses on every given day. The Saint-Laurent Loulou sunnies are adorable, chic, and the wing tips create a cat eye effect. These heart-shaped sunglasses took off last year.  You’ll find the real deal on stylish moms like Instagrammer Hannah Strafford-Taylor.

YSL Loulou sunglasses
YSL Loulou sunglasses took off last year

At Neiman’s, the gorgeous pair will set you back $490. You can find a dupe on Amazon, and a child / toddler version here.  At the very least, you can go matchy-match with the kids.

2) Summersalt. Lunch in your bathing suit 

Going through my Instagram feed, I stumbled on the eye-catching colors of Missouri-based Summersalt. The bathing suit styles provide flattering silhouettes on different body types. Plus, the candy colors and styles evoke summer fun. Available at

Summersalt model wearing Sidestroke
Summersalt model wearing Sidestroke in Seaweed + Seaglass + White Sand

The swimsuits are moderately priced, so you can add to your wardrobe (even in the waning days of summer). It’s also perfectly acceptable to go out to lunch wearing one of these numbers. You can throw on shorts or a skirt, and later hit the pool with a cocktail in hand.

3) Plae sneakers 

Living in California, you get exposed to all the local shoe brands and startups. Plae is a relative new kid in town, and they make drool-worthy cool shoes for toddlers and kids. Their newest line-up include adult shoes. The grownup shoes are just as comfy, and have a unique twist that sets it apart from major sneaker brands. I wrote up my recent experience in an earlier post here.

Kicks for Adults
Love the closure system that loops around the emblematic silver PLAE button.

4) Stance Statement Socks

We all need to wear socks, especially with the cooler months headed our way. I like to dress up feet with fun cartoony socks. Stance socks have been around for a while and come in cool graphics.

I may swing more Sanrio Hello Kitty, but you’re partner may lean towards more Storm Trooper. Whatever your style, Stance has a spectrum of options. Plus, you can find a bevy of cute cartoonish and animal socks on Amazon (for the less performance minded).

5) Anthropologie hair clips 

Anthropologie always comes out with elegant hair clips, pins and ties to suit everyday and special occasions. Hair clips are great staples to own, especially for those days you’re running around but still want to look relatively put together.

Tortoise intermixed with retro-inspired patterns and tints set these hair accessories apart from your basic Goody and Scunci staples.

Hair clips
Anthropologie’s Triple Play Hair Clip Set

So enjoy accenting your wardrobe, and take some calculated risks. Find pieces that are durable and that you can wear all the time. Quality over quantity.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s fiver!


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