5 Posture Improving Habits

TBT group photo (years ago), channeling my inner Grace Kelly stance.

Straighten up when you stand

Grace Kelly epitomized Hollywood glamour and was the original American-born screen actress turned real-life princess of Monaco. Trained in ballet, Grace was universally remembered for her elegant posture. A great posture can have a lengthening effect, and help you ooze confidence.

What’s the deal with your back?

Did you know that the Back is the #1 chief chronic complaint? Just think about the punishing bad habits that have led to back and neck issues.

You’re probably guilty of some of these. Raise your hand if you:

  • Unconsciously stoop forward, slouching when standing or walking
  • Text or play mobile games with your neck bent forward
  • Hunch over your laptop/computer at work for hours (years)
  • Play Fortnite: Battle Royale (and other video games) for hours
  • Chase after your kids, continually picking up after them.
  • Lift heavy objects (i.e. furniture, boxes)
  • [Moms] Have experienced back pain while pregnant or nursing
  • Engage in strenuous contact sports or gym activities
  • Have been in an accident at some point that caused physical injury

Technology is a major culprit — an enabler of bad posture. So, let’s talk about five things you can do to improve your posture today.

1) Roll your shoulders back and straighten up

When you’re standing, become self-aware of how you carry yourself. Avoid the stoop where you roll your shoulders forward (hunch back pose). Do the opposite, roll your shoulders back so the shoulder blades are closer together. ¬†Tighten your abs, and you’ll see a nice flattening effect on your tummy and appear more elongated. Channel your inner Grace Kelly or inner James Bond (OG Sean Connery or Daniel Craig).

2) Step away from tech (literally)

Instead of spending hours on the couch texting, shopping on Amazon, playing mobile games, and commenting/posting to Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat — take a break and step away. Limber up and take breaks every hour.

3) Stop leaning into your laptop

Whether you’re writing a blog post, poring over a detailed spreadsheet, or coding like a rebel genius Cameron Howe — stop leaning over your screen. Slouching forward is just bad for your back and neck. Increase the font size and elevate your laptop, so you avoid the lean-in effect.

4) Stop tech neck + invest in a stand

With your smartphone in your lap, you look down — again and again. Avoid having to look down on your mobile device. Find a handy solution so you’re not constantly hunching over your device. You can even order a special stand to take some of that pressure off your hand.

5) Project confidence (state of mind)

An attitude shift can help you establish healthier habits, and even help you work on better posture. And, at the very least, avoid really bad habits as it relates to slouching and hunching.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s practical fiver!


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One thought on “5 Posture Improving Habits

  1. Vivien, these are helpful suggestions. Besides practicing medicine and blogging, I compete in ballroom dancing where posture is very important, almost as important as footwork. But everyone can benefit from better posture. thanks for following my blog.


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