And so we begin…

From my early days growing up in the Chicago area, I vividly remember sitting on my dad’s lap and watching spectacular fireworks go off at a Cubs game. Eating half-melted ice cream from a plastic Cubs hat and being surrounded by a throng of people in the bleacher seats, I learned to appreciate the duality of being Korean and American and rooting for my home team.

A land of Cracker Jack boxes with hidden prizes, Happy Meals with toys, Mr. Rogers with his closetful of cardigans and shoes for indoors, Oscar the Grouch grouching away on Sesame Street, and the tatted ice cream truck teasing me with its tuneful jingle as it made its way down my street. As I think back at the sights and sounds of my childhood, and look at old pictures, I’m reminded that time moves quickly. I reflect on images of my own mother – effortlessly stylish, effervescent, beautiful and natural.

Here’s to new beginnings and new challenges. It’s a good place to talk about things that make us happy and improve the quality of our lives — from the food we put into our bodies to the products we use to look and feel great.

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